We understand the need of businesses like yours for data security.

We have two options for you:

  1. When we receive a computer or hard drive (or any other media-containing device), the data-containing device (usually the hard drive) is removed from the system and moved into a secure room within our secured facility. The drives are then scrubbed according to national standards on data removal.
  2. The other option is very similar to option one; we go through the same procedures, however, we retrieve serial numbers from the machines and drives as they go through the process. Once we scrub all information from the hard drive or device we will issue the donor a certificate of data destruction per each device of media that is scrubbed. There is a fee for this service per media device.

All computers and devices containing data go through the first process no matter what.

If you would prefer to receive a certificate of destruction please let us know at the time of donation and we will ensure the steps in option 2 are followed.

Finally, on top of being Microsoft credentialed and part of the Computer Refurbishers association, we work with numerous local law firms and financial institutions that trust us with their data security.