Offering both residential and commercial shredding services:

RenTek is one of the most secure shredding and destruction companies in the information destruction industry, meeting, or exceeding industry standards.  RenTek assures that all shreds are secure and confidential, from point of pick up to the final destruction process. 

We comply with federal privacy laws such as FACTA, HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

Our Shredding process utilizes the slow-speed rotary grinding method in which the paper is ground small enough to fall through a small screen, thereby ensuring a small, consistent particle size.  The end product is mixed and so fine that it is impossible to put back together.


What do I have to do to prepare documents for destruction?

Nothing more than putting them in boxes, totes or even trash bags & bring them into our warehouse. or for corporate customers requesting pickup services we can supply secured boxes for you or you may also place your paper for shredding into boxes, totes or even trash bags

There is no need to remove paper clips, staples, or any other type of binding.

What happens to my paper after it is destroyed?

All shredded paper is baled prior to shipment to a tissue pulping mill for recycling purposes. The material is made into various household tissue products, such as Kleenex, paper towels, and toilet tissue.


Drop-off: Consumers & Corporate

Bring your paper into our offices in any container you want, we will dump it into our pre-weighed 10 Gallon Tote.

First 10 gallon tote of paper is $20.00 then $15.00 every one thereafter .

Corporate Pickup Service:

$0.39 per pound –¬† Minimum 100 Pounds.

Minimum pound requirement waived for corporate customers if also recycling electronics.

All corporate shredding services include a certificate of destruction upon payment